About Us

With the help of MaharashtraPoliticalParties.info we are trying to show-case inner soul of Maharashtra. We believe politics is an important part of democratic civilization and it needs keen attention of every common man. Therefore we a group of young people of Maharashtra thought to bring an absolutely independent and neutral media which does not support to any political party or candidate but will show-case factual picture of Maharashtra which of course influences our lives.

MaharashtraPoliticalParties.info is not only focused on detailing political picture of Maharashtra but also deals with each & every aspect of lives which influences “Marathi Manoos”.

This portal has been conceptualized, designed and developed by a team of young Marathi entrepreneurs with diversified work experiences. We are a group committed to providing every citizen of Maharashtra an impartial view about portfolio and other interests of their local elected representatives and those at higher rungs in the leadership ladder.

We have a firm belief that this overview will help every individual in creating a better democratic society especially for Maharashtra. Our website authentically represents the summarized profile of public representatives and tries to bring them closure to common populace of Maharashtra.

We will appreciate you valued feedback, comments and suggestions for continual improvements. Please email us for any reason at maharashtrapoliticalparties@gmail.com

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